Pre-Planning FAQs

Everything you need to know and want to ask about pre-planning.

You’ve taken an important step by choosing to pre-plan. Congratulations. By taking steps to arrange these important plans now, you’ve taken a large burden off of your beloved family, providing them with greater peace of mind. You’re relieving your family of the cost that can be associated with planning a burial, allowing them to celebrate and honour your life. And finally, you’re ensuring that every last detail is planned according to your own wishes and needs.

You might have some questions as you begin the path towards pre-planning. We’re here to help answer them.

Here are some questions that often come up from others at the same stage:

Pre-planning versus Funeral Insurance? I’ve heard both terms, what is the difference?
Funeral Insurance
We encourage all families to seriously consider whether purchasing funeral insurance is the right thing to do. Depending on your age it can mean you pay many more thousands of dollars than you need to. In most situations we would encourage you to purchase a pre-paid funeral rather than take out insurance and that is why we don’t offer an insurance based product. There are a number of benefits with Pre-Paid funerals and here are just a few:
  • You avoid the rising costs of funerals.
  • It protects your family from having to find the funds at the time of your death.
  • The funds are securely invested with the Australian Friendly Society in accordance with the Pre-Paid Funeral Act.
  • Decisions are taken without the emotion, which occurs when a death happens.
  • You record exactly how you wish to be remembered. You have total control as to whether you want the funeral to be celebratory, traditional or basic.
  • You can make sure that any cultural or religious elements are included.

  • You will be provide with a detailed fee proposal outlining all costs.

Can I move a previously planned arrangement?

Of course. Should you wish to Re-Assign your Pre Paid Funeral to another funeral director, you can do that.

Where is my money invested?

Your Pre Paid funeral money is invested with The Australian Friendly Society, in the event we went out of business your money is 100% secure.

Can two cremations be performed at once?

No. Not only is it illegal to do so, most modern cremation chambers are not of sufficient size to accommodate more than one adult.

Can the family witness the cremation?

Yes. Cremation facilities are set up to allow family members to be present when the body is placed into the cremation chamber. In fact, some religious groups include this as part of their funeral custom. As anything, this is a personal choice on whether you want to witness this event.

Are cemeteries running out of space?

Just like other open spaces, cemeteries have been impacted by the sheer number of people on our planet. However, funeral homes and local cemeteries can always help you find the space you need, so don’t ever feel that there is not an option to meet your needs.

The Six Common Reasons for Pre-Planning a Funeral

Today, more individuals and families are making the decision to prearrange their funerals than ever before. Because of the factors such as inflation, fewer extended family members living close by, and other changes in our society, planning your own funeral can make a lot of sense.

In a recent survey, these were the most common reasons people gave for prearranging their own funerals:

  1. Communicates your wishes
  2. Reduces stress for friends and family at an already emotional time
  3. Saves money
  4. It may guarantee your family will never have to pay more for your funeral — no matter what happens with inflation
  5. Shows you care
  6. Relieves your loved ones of the financial responsibility

Any one of those reasons is good, but when you take them all together, it’s easy to see why pre-planning your funeral is one of the smartest things you can do. If you agree, give us a call to set an appointment with one of our certified pre-planning advisors. Don’t worry. It’s safe, secure, and completely private.

We know that you may have other questions, so feel free to call us at anytime.

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