The most commonly asked questions are answered below.

Melbourne Cremation Service is a simplified arrangement service that allows us to offer affordable prices by removing the additional cost incurred when using an established funeral home.

We offer transfer, cremation and return of ashes like other funeral services but the essential paperwork is completed online with follow up by phone if needed.

Yes. Our staff work closely to our standards and ethos of consistency, reliability and honesty.

These standards enable us to deliver a high standard of care and dignity for all client families and their loved ones that come into our care.

When a person dies in a hospital there is no urgency in transferring the deceased.
We will work with the hospital to make the transfer happen.

If a person dies in a nursing home or at home an immediate transfer may be needed.
In this case you should contact our on-call telephone number and a transfer can be arranged.
You can complete the online arrangement following the call.

We provide exactly the same standard of care and dignity as a traditional funeral home.

We have our own mortuary and office premises. We keep our costs down by using online arrangement process and by simplifying our business, saving you additional costs.

A viewing is an opportunity for you to spend some final moments with the deceased.

It will give you the time to say goodbye,
hold hands or even give a final hug.

This service is offered at additional cost.

If you require a full funeral service, we will pass your details onto one of our partner companies
and they will arrange to meet with you to arrange a full service funeral.

We only recommend the best funeral homes.